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Buy suhagra 100 % - 1st run 7th 10th 12th - 15th run 20th 25th 30th - 35th run 40th 45th 50th - 55th run 1st run of the game: +6 bonus experience points +10 mana +2 magical power +3 vitality points "I am Thrax, and this is my dungeon." - Thrax 2nd run of the game: +2 critical strikes +4 vitality points +4 magical power +5 vitality points 2nd run of the game uses same rules as the first run. 3rd run of the game: +6 critical strikes +6 vitality points +6 critical strikes +8 vitality points 3rd run plays with the same rules as previous run, and also replaces the magic for protection spells with another spell based on your character's magic resistance. 4th run drugstore brand contour makeup of the game: +10 vitality points +12 vitality points +16 vitality points +18 vitality points +20 vitality points +22 vitality points The first five levels are same as previous run. If you wish for more spells, see the additional spells below for you to choose from. 4th run and above You have the option of adding 3rd class magic damage spells to all spells, which will add your Constitution and choice of resistance to the damage. You can also add spells from the spell list to spells you have access too, although the spells will be lost if you switch to something else while casting them. The spell list remains as long it was in the base game. Magic Resistance: This is a resistance to magic, which is determined when you become a druid. druid who can cast any spell and whose level is at least four levels higher than that of your character does this resistance. If you change classes at level 4, you do not gain the same resistance. You cannot gain spell resistance if you start your game with spell resistance due to being multiclassed (except when you change to a 5th level spell list). If you were multiclassed before your druid first level, you are unaffected by this resistance. See the suhagra 50 or 100 table below for a few examples of how resistances may be applied. Resistances against certain types of spells: Resistances against certain types of magic: 5th level and above Any spell - 7th level and above

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